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  • 32 out of 38 people found this review helpful:
    One of the greatest anime ever made
    Awesomeness is what defines Gintama. A must watch for anyone that is an anime fan. First 3 episodes are a little on the not so funny side but after that it's all out laughing like crazy. Watch the OVA as well as it's an excellent sample of the kinds of things you can expect from this ingeniously written anime. it's not as random as some might have you believe and there is somewhat of a story line ...
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  • 98 out of 116 people found this review helpful:
    WATCH ! wanna know why? read on.
    INTRO: What you need to know first
    They say first impressions are important but in the case of Gintama they usually don't do him justice, so before you decide by the premise here's a bit of advice, go by the 3 episode rule and you'll see what I mean, Gintama is by no means your average ShounenJump story. Yeah i know 150+ episodes seems like a pretty big commitment, but ...
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  • 86 out of 92 people found this review helpful:
    Madness? This is GINTAMA!
    If you're looking for an action packed, power-up riddled, fight driven alternate history sci-fi samurai anime with improbable female anatomy, oversized swords (probably to compensate for the boobage) and crude humor... this isn't it.

    But! If you're looking for a silly, 4th wall breaking, over the top, alternate history parody sci-fi samurai anime with surprisingly accurate anatomy (across the ...
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  • No words to describe it
    I can't even remember how many times i've re-watched this anime! to me there's honestly no words to describe such an incredible anime. Its amazing and i would recommend it to anybody! i just really hope this anime will soon get the attention that it deserves.
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  • Why Arern't you Watching Already
    Alright when you think of this show right off you say oh another retarded wanna-be funny anime, but that is not the case in the slightest. Gintama(Silver Soul) is a show that takes place in Edo in the land of the samurai, then Aliens took over (just to sum it up), The main character of this show is a sweet food addicted sadist named Gintoki, and his two teen sidekicks Shinpachi the otaku and ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    First few episodes are kind of a turn off to newcomers, but get used to it!
    One of the deepest,
    Brilliantly thought out,
    Emotional jerking,
    Most epic fight scene,
    Funniest humored, Anime.

    The characters all have great personalities.
    And the humor is really a marvel.
    Then the serious arcs are very captivating and Immersive.
    Characters: 9/10
    Story/Plot: 8.5/10
    Setting: 9.5/10
    Animation: 8/10 - (10/10 on serious arcs)
    Sound: 9/10 - (9.5/10 on
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  • I wish I could forget watching this... Just so I can watch it again!
    Gintama never failed to bring a smile to my face and had me laughing out loud in public places (much to my embarassent, but with no regrets). This frankly a very well written anime which dares to think outside the box and is not afraid to say what the truth really is. It really was a pleasure watching this and Ive never been one to push a series on someone, but you have to watch this! Hilarious!!
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  • GINTAMA is the BEST anime EVERRR
    This is my favorite anime of all time! It had everything I loved in one anime! It had comedy, action, a bit of romance, and inspirational lessons learned in certain episodes. Some episodes were just completely random, but even then they were enjoyable to watch. Some episodes had so much action and feelsss! I don't care if Gintama didn't really have a goal like in Naruto, one piece, or bleach. It ...
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  • Really is the best anime ever :D
    Gintama has literally every genre in it.
    It can be emotional, but stupid
    Violent/bloody, but hilarious
    Weird, but awesome
    I feel like every genre an anime can ever have is packed into this one anime.
    Even as a Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and Fairy Tail lover, I'm willing to say that Gintama is better than all of those animes
    Please give it a try if you haven't already
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  • Only anime that has made me piss my pants (literally) from laughing
    I'm not even exaggerating. Once you watch this anime, all the other animes will seem boring. I'm even willing to marry the writer of this anime. I'm serious. Someone hook me up.

    This isn't your cliche Shounen Jump kind of anime, honestly, I can never predict what will happen next. The characters are just amazing, the plot, everything. I can always watch the same episode over and over again and ...
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