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  • 1 out of 4 people found this review helpful:
    A good, but repetitive anime
    There's not too much say. This show is pretty funny, yet they end up using jokes over dozens and dozens of times. Do not expect much in the way of action, animation, or soundtrack. The characters are very unique and you grow an attachment to them, but they are sometimes annoying. The humor is very immature in a funny way and I often find myself laughing out load. They try to mix very many emotions ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    One of the best if not the best anime of all time
    I believe decades from now Gintama will be remembered as a legendary timeless classic. No other anime like it, Gintama is one of the few anime that can make you go from laughing from it's hilarious momemnts to shedding tears in the same episode. This anime has everything that makes any piece of entertainment engaging. In this amazing journey you will laugh, cry, be inspired, watch amazing action ...
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  • Gintama is my favourite series <3
    Gintama is love, Gintama is life. yes this is my review.
    I t has everything from comedy to action to drama, just watch it ! I can't recommend any other show more than I recommend Gintama. fdsafdsagdsfdasfdsfdsfdsafdsafdasfdasfdafdasfdsafdasfdafdsafdas (I needed about 60 more charecters to post this review so I had no choice but to keyboard rage)
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  • Give it a Chance, no regrets
    I started this anime during the summer because I was really bored. The first episode did not get me but I kept with it. After realizing that I've been sitting at the exact same spot in my room for hours, I realized that this anime was awesome. I found myself wanting to see what's next and thinking about other ways that the show can top itself, and it keeps delivering. I especially love how they ...
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  • Only by watching that you will understand!
    As a fan of the big 3 and several anime there not a single one of them that can ever compare to Gintama.
    I was skeptical reading at the description and scores that is getting
    But after catching up I realized that i was right
    The scores did not give it justice
    It deserved WAYYY MORREEE
    I dont think that there will be any review that will explain the greatness that is Gintama
    so i can only ...
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  • I love this series!!
    This is a series that took me a few episodes to really get into. I didn't like it very much at first, but now I have to say I'm hooked. This is a hilarious and entertaining series with a lot of fun characters and a unique time and setting. If you've never watched this series you totally need to!
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  • There can be nothing like this
    Nothing compares to the effort I spent watching every single episode of Gintama, twice. At first it comes off as a really immature gag comedy about really messed up setting that seems to be the most random things put together and is going no where. But then, you realize its true worth. Its like eating crab paste, the first bite seems disgusting but as soon as you realize its real worth you can't ...
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  • It can make you laugh, give you goosebumps, make you cry, and even scare you
    One of the best anime I have ever watched. All the characters, main and supporting are all very charming and likeable. Yes, majority of the anime is comedy, but what makes the comedy gold is the constant references of other anime and pop culture and breaking the 4th wall. But when things get serious, oh boy, it indeed does get to a very, very epic. The serious/action arcs are few, and although ...
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  • Without a doubt the most hysterical show you will ever watch
    This is the funniest anime you will ever watch. It has lots of moments that are really philosophical and get you thinking and can even be really emotional at time, but most importantly I have never laughed so hard at any kind of television program in my life.

    If you want a real funny anime with great storys toss it on, you won't be dissapointed. Also I recommend watching it from episode 1 ...
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  • Remember what color your soul is...
    Gintama. It's hard to write a review on the best anime I've ever watched and probably ever will watch. It's not your typical shounen jump action anime. A good majority of it is pure comedic genius that will have you rolling on the floor in abdominal pain, then when the serious stuff rolls around it'll have you up in tears. It could take you a good 40 episodes or s before you really get into it, ...
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