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  • Enter deeper into the world of Japanse sense of humor
    This anime excels in taking you one level higher in the world of Japanese comedy, specially in the area of boke and tsukkomi. It is also one of the few animes (or the only one maybe) that can drop a small but seriously hilarious line during a tense and plot important scene and not ruin it at all. It has a weak start because it takes quite a number of episodes to introduce the core characters and ...
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    Okay, so it's been awhile since I've written any review. That's because I haven't been watching anime. Why? Because I can't find a good one to catch my interest...Until now.

    I started watching it because my roommate was watching it one day. I asked him "What are you watching?" He says "GINTAMA" I continued to inquired about this anime asking "How is it? What's the plot?" And guess what he says? ...
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  • My Personal Favorite
    If there was one masterpiece of an anime in the universe, it would be Gintama. I have never seen a comedy anime that has the audience get so attracted to the characters. The characters in this show are so bizarre and original, with each being a satirical symbol of every annoying characteristics known to man. I personally think this anime is the funniest anime I've ever seen, nay, the funniest show ...
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  • Gintama is Horribly Under Watched
    This anime grabs a little of everything from every genre, but especially humor and action no doubt. Despite its ridiculous first impressions and strange taste, it truly does grow on you, and can tell emotional stories in 5 episodes that would take another series 13. It's sad how under watched this anime is since it doesn't have the crazy action or hype of Naruto Bleach Tail Piece. I cannot ...
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  • well worth watching if you are into funny anime's
    this anime is very clever. has lots of references and the the comedy is off the charts funny. i was amazed on how funny this anime is. most of the episodes are random but there is a little bit of a story. it revels the story little by little and does it in such a way that you are not bored. i highly suggest the anime to anyone who is looking for a good funny anime to watch. 5 out of 5
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  • You're missing a lot if you've never seen this one.
    Oh boy for sure. Watching Gintama is like one heck of a ride! It's smooth sailing at first then when you get to the climax it just goes crazy downward. Yep! Seriousness and craziness all in one! And I suuuuupper LOVE IT!!!! Odd set of characters? NO PROBLEM!
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    I started to watch Gintama laughing my head off each episode from the hilariously funny humor that is on this show. It will just lift your spirits with every episode you watch! The first 50 episodes are mostly just comedy but then it gets even better when it was already amazing in the first place when they add this intense serious feel to certain episodes and they bring these beautiful fight ...
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  • 2 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
    New favorite show. Gintama
    I watched the first 3 episodes once a few years back, and hated it. The anime seemed boring, random and confusing. But gave it a shot again a couple of weeks ago, and powered through the first 15-30 episodes, and the show suddenlt just got better and better for each episode, and surprisingly never stopped getting better even past 200 episodes.
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  • 8 out of 10 people found this review helpful:
    Just 'cos you watch anime doesn't mean you've watched anime until you've watched Gintama
    In short, Gintama has ruined all other anime for me for the rest of my life. This is storytelling at its finest. I could gush over the depth (the utterly unfathomable, beautiful depth) of the characters who are so human you forget they aren't real--samurai, aliens, robots, and villains alike. I could praise the brilliance (and hilariously clever dirtiness) of the humor juxtaposed with the sudden ...
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  • 1 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    A Fantastic work of art!
    In my opinion, I can't find many animes that can compete with Gintama. Everything's packaged into this awesomeness! Most of the times it's laugh now cry later, and that's what's amazing about it! Characters are cute and hot, and the humors, drama, and actions pinned me to my seat!
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