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Glass Mask

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  • Powerful and dramatic
    The story really draws you in, episode after episode. It's a must watch shoujo anime. There is a love story. I love the relationship between Maya and Masumi. Each episode bring them closer. There is rivalry in acting. I like the intense competition between Maya and Ayumi. Both characters developed as they experience challenge after challenge in their career. Ayumi become less shallow and ...
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  • Intensly beautiful!!!
    I've watched this entire series several times, and most likely to watch it again some more!
    The storylines are intense as you follow Maya throughout her life, aiming to become an actress- aiming to become the Scarlet Angel. The happy, depressing, tearjerker, passionate days filling Maya is just wonderful. Every play, every story will always have you on the edge of your seat!
    I highly recommend ...
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  • Glass Mask is one of the best!
    I thought that this anime was awesome. It's so interesting and kept me wanting to watch more haha!! XD I loved how the storyline kept the watcher waiting for what happened next, and just as well, the characteristics and personalities that were attached to each of the characters made this anime all the more interesting.
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    Glass Mask soul mates/ Masumi and Maya also Shori.
    I Think the Glass mask is cool. And Maya and Masumi fact they are soul mate make so sweet. I hope they get together in the end. And they look so cute together..

    Go Maya and Masumi as a couple. it cool . Masumi and Shori those two don't fell right at . I check the manga what Shori dose to Maya like the ring and Dress. I hope Maya and Masumi get together in end. It Look it pretty good in ...
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  • What do I think about it?
    The "Glass Mask" is by far the most entertaining manga show I have ever watched. It introduces feeling in the characters personality. It shows that determination is used if you want to make your dreams a reality. The "Glass Mask" is like an exciting drama that will never end without amazement! I truely recommend everyone to watch this enthusiastic show!

    -Koritami Mizoka/FUNimation Supporter-
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  • great show very eye catching
    I don't usually watch drama series but this one drags you in for the long haul.Not only does the story move it has decent animation to follow i would recommend watching this if you like good storyline anime that will leave you asking whats next.
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    Where can I watch this anime???? HELP....
    The first time I watch this was last year here in crunchyroll were I wait to the every episode to come out.
    I never love and like an anime the way I obsessed like this.
    I'm watching this anime back at Philippines until Crunchyroll stop downloading the episode last December then bring it back because everybody complain and make so many request to bring it back and now I'm here at Qatar I still
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