Golden Time

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  • 53 out of 59 people found this review helpful:
    My Top Pick for the Fall 2013 Season
    I usually wait for several episodes to air before writing a review but this series has definitely caught my attention. I wasn't expecting much from it believing it would be another cliche filled school drama. I have to say that my expectations were incorrect. The series has done a good job with character development of the main characters right out of the gate. The storyline seems to be moving at ...
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  • 18 out of 22 people found this review helpful:
    A Very Good Romance/Comedy.
    I'll give any anime a chance, so when I saw this I decided to give it a go and I actually found myself really enjoying Golden Time. As a first year college student I found myself connecting with the main character that is going through some of the problems I have to go through, so I found myself really liking his character. The comedy elements of Golden Time were well placed, and I never felt like ...
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  • I like the change of perspective from high school to college in the romance/comedy genre
    I enjoyed this anime, as there really isn't a lot of romance/comedy in a college prospective. I like the character development especially how it wasn't just focused on two character bur the minor character as well and each had a important role in the series. Thought the first few episodes were slow, later it really started to catch you and before long your eye were glued to the screen waiting for ...
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  • Don't Trust the Picture!!
    That's right! Don't trust the picture on Crunchyroll. The MC is the guy kneeling on the floor. But NO! Hes not the typical weak-willed, weak-physically, pathetic protagonist who fantasizes over the beautiful girl!

    The story is much much more deeper than that.

    If you have not watched this I suggest you to WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY!!! Yes its a romance anime, yes theres not much action BUT NO its ...
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  • So, they're in high sch...wait, COLLEGE?!
    I feel like I've graduated! Finally, an anime that isn't set in the bogs of high school! The story was really interesting too. The characters were all fun to watch and had some very well scripted interactions throughout. They all ended up being amusing, refreshing, and compelling in one way or another, which is pretty rare in anime. There was drama (it's fundamentally a romance after all) and ...
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  • One of My Favourite Anime Ever.
    Golden Time seriously is one of the best anime that I've ever watched to this day. (10/10) It made me laugh and cry so many times, and I was watching it right since the beginning.

    I always shipped Banri and Koko together, I mean, who hasn't? They are so cute and the perfect couple together. They can be both lost with life sometimes and that's perfect, because they aren't perfect, if that ...
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  • College Love in a Realistic World
    To be honest I didn't know what I was going to expect from this anime. I thought it was going to be some generic romance anime with so many tropes and archetypes, but some how it didn't feel that way. The characters are basically "human" and that's what makes this anime special. The faults of a relationship and how people can make really stupid mistakes and just feel bad about it. The flaws is ...
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  • Great Anime! Highly recommended!
    This genre is normally not my cup of tea when it comes to Anime. I was skeptical at first, but since it had good ratings I thought I'd give this one a try and so glad that I did. When I was getting close to the end I ended up watching the last 8 or so episodes in 1 sittings because I couldn't make myself stop watching.
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    The ending: cheesy and cringeworthy
    Otherwise it was a pretty engaging show. I enjoyed the characters of Linda and Banri, especially. I just wish that he lost his memory longer, so there would be more of a conflict. Since it only lasted for-what- less than half an episode, I decided that the sum of the entire season's hype up to that point-was all to waste.
    The scene where he caught up to Koko in the last episode was very cheesy. ...
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  • A Romance Masterpiece
    I enjoyed this series so much that it blows all of my old Romance favourites out of the water. I enjoyed this more than I ever enjoyed Clannad, Air or, Kanon. This series has comedy in all the right places while always making me feel for each of the characters as they are going through their lives. This anime is God Tier and if you haven't seen it you are missing out!
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