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  • What in the heck did I just watch?
    This show is on par with something that might be on Adult Swim. The animation style is crude at best, which suits the shows humor and jokes. It definitely has it's moments and can be funny at times, but it's pretty absurd.

    As far as I can tell this show has pretty much absolutely nothing to do with any sort of "Great Hunt." There is no hunting of any sort at all, nor does it have anything to do ...
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    I love it! These guys are so cool!!
    I love it! Maybe I'm a weirdo, but I think the sketches are hilarious. And who doesn't love rock music and reggae? You have to watch "Ya-man, Reggae is fun!!" You will laugh your butt off! And there's a robot drummer named "Staddue". What's not to love?
    Also, if you like manzai, you will like this, although you may think their accents are a bit questionable.
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