H2O: Footprints in the Sand

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  • It just doesn't fit my taste
    I think I understand what this anime was going for, but after 5 episodes I just couldn't keep watching. I'm nearly halfway through and all I feel is disgust towards all but two characters. Hinata got a little redemption in the 5th episode, but my overall feeling is still disgust and annoyance. Again, I know that's the point, but I'm nearly halfway through the series with only a shred of ...
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  • I must have seen a different "H20"
    Wow. So many stellar reviews. Here's an average " girl-du-jour" harem and witless Twit show. Complicated with senseless violence, an attempt to endear the male to the audience by making him blind (due to mental trauma), evil villagers castigating, psychologically torturing, physically abusing the surviving child of the family the villagers killed. Someone in the production committee must have ...
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  • Emotionally powerful, but flawed.
    This is an emotionally stirring bit of magical realism in a small-town rural setting that comes alive in ways that are fun and charming, but also heart-wrenching, and at times rage-inducing. The show balances humor and happiness with the realities of grief and mental trauma, class conflict, feuding families, and the downside of living in a community where your business is everyone else's, and ...
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  • "Ouch...It hurts so good"
    This one is an emotional roller coaster with enough character development to drag you along for the ride and the story line is what keeps your emotions going up and down, making you slightly nauseous.

    I literally could not stop watching because of the levels of drama.

    This one is going to hurt you, deeply, but it is still such a great anime.
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  • Amazing show, worth the tears.
    This show is the second show I have ever watched which has brought me to tears. This show was the first show to make me cry and laugh, hate it and love it, and smile and frown all at the same time. I would recomend this show to anyone who loves fantasy romance anime which will make you both smile and cry.
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  • This is real anime at it's finest!
    This wonderfully plotted and well put together story lined anime is one of the best in the business. This anime not only connects with the audience emotionally, but also makes you think about how you would react to others wrong doings and how you can come to surpass those barriers. If you seem to be strolling along and come across this, highly recommend you take this journey and witness anime at ...
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  • an emotional gut punch
    aside from ep 8 (wtf was going on there?) this was a great little series. very much an emotional rollercoaster tho, and not in a high in the air doing loops kinda way. plenty of anger and heartbreak in there as well. i think my only gripe would be the way they finished it off.. instead of closure you get a wait, what?
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  • 3 out of 4 people found this review helpful:
    i didn't watch all of it. Bored.
    A lot of the characters are just rude and pretty much bullies. At least that's all you really get within the first several episodes. I have no idea where this anime is going with it's story and Hirose, the main guy, doesn't really do anything but he does try to be Hiyami's friend. I was practically bored watching this anime. People gave it a high rating but I'm really wondering why???
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  • 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    What in the world was this
    This had some potential originally but went completely crazy in a hurry. Basically, 60% of the characters in this anime did crimes that warranted them spending time in jail, including our MC, or, at the very least, 80% of them should have been in a psychiatric hospital since they were clearly a danger to themselves and others, especially our MC here. It got so odd/nonsensical that it started to ...
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  • 0 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Do not let the title fool you, I loved this anime with a passion. It was beautiful not only in style but the story as well. But is you are looking for that cute high school silly drama and romance, turn back now.

    This was an emotional rollercoaster from episode 1. They do an amazing job with everything in here. But if getting your emotions jerked around doesn't sound like your kind of fun I ...
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