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Hanasakeru Seishonen

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  • A show I could watch again and again
    Despite its longer running time, as I normally don't watch series with more than 24-26 episodes, there's just something about Hanasakeru Seishonen that made me watch it a second time around. I saw it on CR a few years ago and kind of forgot about this site.

    First off, the main character, Kajika, is the kind of person everyone should aspire to be; Intellectual, brave, free spirited and so ...
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  • Not your typical romance
    The plot was unique and absolutely wonderful! After the first couple episodes I didn't sleep until I finished the series! I think I spent my time well, I might even watch this series a couple more times! Everything about this anime is wonderful! Including the guys! They're so cute!!!
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  • I'm not a fan........!
    I gave this anime a try because of the ratings but I honestly don't undersatnd why it gets so much love. The main girl Kajika was annoying at times, wise beyond her years at other times, but then naive also...huh? I didn't understand why all the guys wanted to risk life and limb for such an ordinary girl. Too much testosterone and not enough female characters for me, but I suppose that is the ...
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  • A Reverse Harem? Maybe but you will be surprised
    Kajika Burnsworth, not your typical 14 year old girl she is apparently royalty! Go figure from the beginning the air around her seemed lifted as if she were a free person. Her father changed all of that with a seemingly simple game of finding the right man to marry her. She has to meet and choose a possible future husband out of three men her father has handpicked. He does not, give her any ...
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  • That ONE anime that you find yourself talking about to non-anime watchers.
    To start, I am very picky... Not only with anime, but just about anything. That being said, I was (also) hooked from the pilot, and TRIED only limiting myself to watching one episode per sitting, because i knew today would come and i would be done watching this compelling show and have to find a replacement.
    If you start the pilot, you WILL be hooked, warning made, I'll proceed.
    Also, you will ...
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  • 4.8 Stars - A Beautiful Story Filled With Depth, Complexity, & Unforgettable Moments
    Storyline 4.8/5
    This anime wasn't what I expected at all. I was expecting some cliche lovey-dovey story, but what I got was this complex and deep plot filled with amazing moments and surprises. This show actually seems to focus more on politics than romance. However, in both areas, it was done well. It started out pretty slow and got boring at times. But once you get to the rising action, ...
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  • Kajika did not resonate with me and Reverse Harems aren't my thing
    This is not a review to praise. This is a review that contains spoilers.

    I had started this anime a year or two ago and remembered fondly of Rumaty. For that reason, I decided to restart this. It was as good and interesting as I remembered when I first watched it because Kajika was a unique personality and she stood above all those petty school girls. However, I soon remembered the reason why ...
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  • Attraction, Action, and Politics all rolled into one!
    This series is beautiful and amazing! The plot has so many twists and turns, and many of the love interests are not your typical anime harem boy. All of them have a different past and different motivations that lead them. I enjoy that you get to see many countries and the multiple perspectives in this political drama. This anime becomes so much more than it first appears!
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    Wonderful reverse harem political drama
    I wasn't quite expecting the intensity of this story. It was a wonderful political drama, and you couldn't help but love the men in the story; it was easy to feel compassion for them. I feel it was obvious who she would choose, but you couldn't help but root for each man in his own way. What a treat this was all around!
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  • Loved this show so much!
    OMG! I loved this anime...It was amazing! The description doesn't even begin to describe the twistedness. While some might think the heroine is a little unrealistic, I think that she has her moments of acting her age as well. As someone who always felt out of place with people my own age I related to her.

    A very powerful industrialist directs his daughter to pick a husband from three candidates ...
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