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Hanasakeru Seishonen

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    New anime in my top twenty?
    I started watching this anime not knowing what to expect and during the first episode I thought it was good. Little did I know just how amazing it would be in the end. I am completely satisfied and have even gotten some life lessons from this anime. This anime may just enter my top ten or top twenty in my anime list. (It is definitely in there now, who knows how long that will last. ^- ^) I ...
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  • 3 out of 6 people found this review helpful:
    I normally don't revue a series until finishing, BUT...since most animes consider 12-13 eps. a season, I felt compelled to weigh in after 18 eps....note: eventually I'll watch the ending...THIS IS NOT A ROMANCE...intrigue,drama,a thriller,with a thin plot contrivance of a marriage....dark & depressing-there are few redeeming personalities in this story,however fascinating & well written...reminds ...
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  • One of the BEST series EVER!
    This is absolutely one of the greatest anime series that i have ever watched! The beginning episodes may have a slow pace at first, but it gets a whole lot faster and better on the 5th episode. After the 5th episode, it just utterly and completely draws you in. Although the story may be a bit predictable, the story plot is just really amazing because of all the funny and political scenes. You are ...
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  • 4 out of 4 people found this review helpful:
    Unique? yes. Original? not really. Reverse Harem + Anime Politics
    I only post reviews for shows I have watched completely to the last episode and I will never recommend an anime to every person because frankly, what I like may not be the same for another person. People who might enjoy this anime are fans of reverse harem shows such as Fushigi Yugi.

    Plot: For those who don't know what reverse harem genres are, it is where all important male characters ...
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  • 2 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
    I love the storyline this follows!
    It all starts out as a dare from father to daughter and it stats into a adventure of a girl playing a husband finding game. After she meets the #2 boy things slow down, and this probably would cause you to quit the series, But HOLD ON! The Ending is worth the wait.
    It could have been shortened some, But the plot is very thick, like a novel. And fun!!

    <3 2Hearts<3
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  • 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    Compelling Storyline, Breathtaking Art
    Instead of repeating what the summary already lays out for you, I'll go ahead and get straight into it. I recently finished watching this series and (unwillingly) was already reviewing it before it finished. However, since I finished watching it I think I can finally analyze this series, not compared to others, but within itself as a standard of anime.

    They will be rated on a scale of 5, ...
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  • Everything beautiful
    The characters, each one unique and intriguing throughout the story. Deep emotional ride with big political points you don't often see. I'm not one for politics but this sort of opened my eyes to be more aware and heartfelt for other countries. It's one thing to see and simply know what's going on elsewhere through news or papers but to truly be their and experience the struggles of others is ...
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  • Don't mess with Kajika Burnsworth
    I seriosly enjoyed this anime. Kajika is like no other main character you have seen before. Surrounded by four gorgeous guys, she likes them all but she has to choose one, but that is the least of her problems. When the country of Ragene is falling into ruins it is up to ehr and her friends to stop the war between the citizens and government and restore peace to the country.
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  • Hanazakeru Seishonen (manga info)
    This is not really a review of the anime itself, but my personal opinions regarding the original manga series and the anime adaption of Hanazakeru Seishonen.

    The original manga ended in 1994, way before "harem" manga/novel/anime/game becomes a genre. The author, Natsumi Itsuki, if you know her work, she has solid story-line and good characters in every work. I do not think she planned for any ...
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  • Loved loved LOVED it!
    ok so at first i didnt want to really watch but then i read a few reviews so now i guess im passing on the favor!
    a love pyramid with a twist! very different from other romance animes, gorgeous guys, good art, awesome main character, and its a really entertaining plot! WATCH IT!!!!
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