Hourou Musuko Wandering Son

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    Finally, an anime that dares to be different.
    Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son) is in no way your typical anime. There's no mecha, not much fanservice (if at all), and no pop-cultural references. However, that fact is one of the series' strongest points. Simply put, it's brilliant. It's one that dares to be different. It's one that shows you can have a beautifully animated series that touches on a moderately important topic and it can be pulled ...
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    I see, it is fun to watch
    I see, Nitori is more like girl and Takatsuki and Sarashina are more like boy. It can happen when wall of genders are still vague but not clear like this anime. Since I'm and I was straight when I was that age, it is difficult to understand what they feel but I want to see what will happen next. This anime looks like Evangelion, His and Her circumstances. I think this is interesting theme.

    I ...
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  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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  • Excellet Storytelling
    The way this show has captured and presented this concept and told of this concept is exquisite. By throwing the viewer into a confusing situation that depicts an amount oif history between the characters right out of the gate on top of presenting the primary story with an enormous weight is definitely an excellent way to start getting emotionally invested. I am not disappointed with the way this ...
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  • Truly inspirational story
    It took me a long time to actually watch this anime, I started watching it a year ago, but dropped it then because I didn't feel like watching such a slow paced anime at that time. I know found the time to watch it. The story was very good, I like the fact that it's different and deals with a topic that is not often talked about. I really enjoyed the animation also.

    P.S - The ending song is ...
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  • Highly Recommended Series
    This is a spoiler-free review.

    Please also understand that I have had no experience of my own with gender or sexual identity, so I cannot judge personally whether or not the series accurately presents the feelings of someone who has.

    To begin, I will say that Hourou Musuko is a very well done series and I believe that everyone should watch it without a doubt. However, as with ...
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  • Never watched the series, but I love the gesture...
    For this boy to have the courage to be a crossdresser, ESPECIALLY in a country that is definitely, so far, not in favor of same-sex relationships of any kind (although this is slowly changing in Japan, but only very slowly), this series shows something unique and I applaud the producers! I don't think I will watch it, but I still understand the message and I think it's good that yet another person ...
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  • Hey. This is my first review so away we go i guess
    Hi I'm SeaJelly a transgirl who started coming out in school a small midwest school which was kind of abrasive and this anime got so much right including coming out to a significant other and the want to be able to feel comfortable i think this show is very reaffirming and will def recommend to my trans friends
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  • Stunning with a beautiful animation style!
    This anime shows an often-avoided topic. It is truly inspirational and shows not only the how the main characters feel, but how other people feel about them. They included homophobic people, making the work both realistic and breathtaking. There are very few animes like this and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
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  • A Masterpiece In Of Itself
    I'm a bit late, I realize, however I want to address how wonderful this anime is. It is such a fresh series after anime after anime about the boy meets girl, instantly falls in love. I'm a huge fan of the romance animes, and this was all the more a wonderful find for me. It incorporates the definition of people in a different way than other anime do. In most, the protagonist has no identity ...
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