Hourou Musuko Wandering Son

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  • Good buuuut also bad
    I binged this anime in a day because it was something i found interesting by the introduction, but when the transphobic and homophobic slurs started showing up i had to pause the episode and do something else before coming back multiple times because i became to uncomfortable. despite this issue i still genuinely enjoyed this anime and how it touches the subject its about.
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  • Good show for peaple starting anime
    This may seem weired but this is the first anime i watched and i loved it. Ot was cite a while mantaning the troubles of growing up especilly for trans/nonbinary/any other gender kids and teens. It was really a good representaition of not even trans but all lgbt kids and how they struggle with who they are at points ( i know this isnt the case for all but for some)
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  • Wonderful, nuanced anime with great characters
    I really enjoyed watching this (wound up binge-watching all the way through) and thought it was a beautiful story with great, relatable characters. I think I related best with Yoshino's character in that I didn't want to grow up to be a woman--I was very much against all the wearing of skirts and growing breasts and all of that sort of thing.

    I felt it dealt with LGBTQ issues sensitively and ...
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  • The Story Keeps Going, and That's the Point.
    I am so happy I watched this. I try to avoid heavy topics in my media since if I want to be depressed I'll just watch the news, but this was special enough that I knew I had to watch is. The characters were perfect and well rounded. The story was real - and not the garbage kind of unending sadness real that the Oscars like, but real real. However if you are expecting a solid conclusion you are ...
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    It hurt to watch at times
    I'm a transgender girl and a friend recommended this anime to me a while ago. It was pretty amazing, but sometimes painfully relatable to watch. It hit a bit close to home at times, but I loved it nonetheless. You don't have to be transgender to relate to it, anybody whose been a kid can relate in one way or another.
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  • Excellet Storytelling
    The way this show has captured and presented this concept and told of this concept is exquisite. By throwing the viewer into a confusing situation that depicts an amount oif history between the characters right out of the gate on top of presenting the primary story with an enormous weight is definitely an excellent way to start getting emotionally invested. I am not disappointed with the way this ...
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  • 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    Woah, different from other animes
    Man, I must say that this anime really make you think. I was confused at first, but when I started to analyse the story itself at around 3-4 or maybe earlier. However this specific anime, Hourou Musuko's subject matter is rarely dealt with in anime: it explores the issues of gender identity and societal perception of gender roles while in a particular age where puberty comes in. If you have (or ...
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  • Truly inspirational story
    It took me a long time to actually watch this anime, I started watching it a year ago, but dropped it then because I didn't feel like watching such a slow paced anime at that time. I know found the time to watch it. The story was very good, I like the fact that it's different and deals with a topic that is not often talked about. I really enjoyed the animation also.

    P.S - The ending song is ...
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  • Highly Recommended Series
    This is a spoiler-free review.

    Please also understand that I have had no experience of my own with gender or sexual identity, so I cannot judge personally whether or not the series accurately presents the feelings of someone who has.

    To begin, I will say that Hourou Musuko is a very well done series and I believe that everyone should watch it without a doubt. However, as with ...
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