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Humanity Has Declined

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  • seriously best show ever so far :)
    only 2 episodes in and I seriously can not stop laughing so freaking hilarious this show is worth watching over and over again!! It really is a unique series and the humor is awesome i love how the assistant has a dark side the adorable fairies the crazy chicken and this is just the beginning who knows what else is coming but i can assure this will be the best series out this season for sure
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  • 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    Based on the first episode
    So, yes, this anime only has one episode so far. But it makes a heck of an impression just in the first episode. The show is probably going to end up being the strangest anime this season, and possibly even the funniest. The fairies are adorable, but posses an indifference to humanity that is hilarious, as evidenced by their view of human starvation as a new fad. There are also several random ...
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