Kids on the Slope

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  • A substantive, engaging, story - fantastic Jazz scenes
    The animation of the instrument playing has a magnificent attention to detail. Also, the music is great for listening. The creators have achieved a very realistic, and interesting, world for their characters, and the characters are well developed. They all hit their story notes perfectly, almost every time. The ending was ok. I felt like the writer knew what he wanted it to be, but not how to get ...
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  • 3 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
    Kids on the Slope is just amazing.
    This anime will make you laugh, cry, and want more. Right from the start, I loved it, the style, the stylish music, the stylish animation, it is very reminiscent of Shinichirō Watanabe as it was also directed by himself as well. Moreover, Yoko Kanno also helped with the OST which, to me, was easy to get into as well. A little bit more about it, the drama in this story is real, very good stuff, it ...
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  • Two words...well there is more but two important words
    -The Feels-
    **may contain spoilers**
    It was so wonderful, it'll have you grinning for the most part and then some sappy crying parts and the end is kind of a let down...considering the genre is romance. Realistically this anime isn't about the romance, its more about the relationship between the two guys...again just the feels! Just a heads up though, don't plan to just watch one or two...your ...
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  • 0 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Kids On The Slope Fails
    at first ireally liked this show. the animation was great, the characters were great but then._._._._ i got halfway through and it all just fell apart. the main character starts to get annoying with the way he treats his friend and love interest. all in all theres enough to keep the simple anime fan around, but it does get cheesy
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  • Great for family bonding.
    I watched the entire series in one sitting with my dad. We both really enjoyed it which was a wonderful surprise. It's nice to have such a personal story told in such a way that we both could appreciate it.

    The art style is wonderfully distinctive and a marked departure from the style of recent years; after a while I stopped thinking of it as anime, which I think is a testament to the ...
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  • slice of life about friends who share passion for jazz
    Kids on the Slope is one of my favorite anime series i've seen in a while. it's got a great nostalgic slice-of-life feel to it, and the story revolves around a couple friends who love jazz music during 1960's Japan. personally, i love jazz, so it might have been easier for me to enjoy this because i thought the soundtrack couldnt be better. not to mention the animation- the music making scenes ...
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  • Damn. And now I appreciate Jazz Music? win-win.
    I'm the type of guy who is into the death note, one piece, full metal alchemist (brotherhood, of course) type of violent, action packed, suspenseful anime that gets the heart going. Of course I have a more refined palate than that, but more often than not my favorites are the ones that make you put on your best stank face and say "Damn, that was viscous." This series is not that.

    I started this ...
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  • Beauty in Simplicity
    This is definitely one of my favorite coming of age anime. The artwork is simple but that simplicity is what I love because it enhances the beauty and depth of the characters' feelings and experiences. I also love jazz and how this anime incorporates jazz as a way to express the characters' emotions & the mood of the story. What else can I say...? This anime is just a beautiful piece of aesthetic ...
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  • Am I the only one who felt really sad watching through this?
    I don't know why, but this show made me sad a lot. I really adored this show, being the second anime show I've ever watched, I don't feel like much will top it. And watching it put me in a mood where even the happy moments reminded me a lot of my own high school days. Watching this is like looking back at all the moments I could have had and never had and now those childish dreams are ...
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  • Absolutely Stunning!
    This show is filled with so much raw emotion and beautiful moments. It captures the highs and lows of growing up in a remarkable way. Life is not always easy, and the people who may seem the most different can come to be the closest of companions. Kids on the Slope manages to encapsulate life's ups and downs while feeling genuine and unforced in its conclusions. Powerful stuff.
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