Kimi ni Todoke - From Me To You

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    My Favourite Romance Title of All Time
    I'd like to consider myself a conaisseur of romance anime, and Kimi Ni Todoke is my personal favourite. With well-explored characters, beautiful (if a bit stereotypical for the genre) art, a great soundtrack, it was already on the right track to impress me. But the depiction of a very realistic and - dear god - HEALTHY relationship between two teenagers blew me away.

    Sawako Kuronuma is a ...
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  • From Me To You...You Won't Regret Watching This Show
    From a girl who has watched this show, and read the manga countless amounts of times..and from a girl who has taken this story to heart so that she could reach out to the one she will not regret watching this show. Sure, it stopped before the manga. Sure, it's not hardcore and full of fight scenes. However, it'll remind you what its like to be in love, and how if you just believe in ...
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  • I enjoy this animate.
    I really enjoy this animate, I laughed in many parts of the show. I even read the manga and I fell more in love with the story that I want to know more. (By the way, im the wife not neutral my husband) anyways I wish that cranchyroll can put the movie too.
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    So drawn out to the point of pulling hair out
    I can't really recommend this anime to anyone. My wife and I finally got done with it and it felt more like a chore then anything. After the first few episodes, any character and plot development ceases to exist and it becomes a tale of two awkward teens trying, yet failing to convey their emotions to one another. Episode after episode it is the same routine. The two get close to conveying their ...
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  • A story about friendship and learning to like yourself
    As someone with social anxiety, this anime touched me more than I can really express. This is the story of Sawako, a girl who had always been bullied and ostracized by her peers. As she enters high school our heroine comes to make true friends, and in her friend group is a boy who likes her in a romantic sense. But don't let the romance fool you, this story is just as much, if not more, about the ...
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  • Best romance anime I have ever seen!
    This anime was incredibly heart warming and hilarious! I loved watching Shouta and Sawako fall in love! It tugged at my heart strings in every single episode and I found myself laughing out loud in almost every episode. I loved every bit of it and I'll probably re-watch it in the future! I loved is so much that I started to read that manga and am now caught up! I watched this entire series in two ...
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  • The most Aggravating love story of them all!
    So This is how i think the anime should be reviewed, If you were to watch a story that made you feel so happy for the characters but the 2 characters were just so scared to tell the others their feelings , that's basically what this entire anime is but honestly i loved it the Shy, Pure young girl, and the popular outgoing boy who also has a shy side to him. It's the perfect recipe for a romance ! ...
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  • Make You Want To Appreciate All Feelings
    A good Slice of Life, Romance, and some Comedy. If you like Slice of Life/Romance, a must watch. The intricacy of people's personalities and uniquenesses are surprisingly good. I feel that you could learn a lot from this show about dealing w/ your emotions, your/people's relationships.
    This show could feel like riding a rollercoaster at times, but just sit back and enjoy this piece of creation.
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    Pure, simple, innocent love
    I so love this anime! I've seen it a few years back yet re-watching it still gives me the same feeling. I love how Sawako is so pure and innocent and how Shota is so cute and appealing. Their love story is just so refreshing and I am really grateful to the writer and animator that there were 2 seasons of this anime. I would love to see more but I guess the ending was nice in itself. The side ...
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