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    Loved it through and through...
    Kokoro Connect.. Kokoro Connect really warmed my heart through and through. I mean, I say this about a lot of anime, but, I really felt good watching it, it was like a big sense of friendship that I felt. That may sound cheesy, and yes, it felt weird even typing it. But, you could really feel the emotion in it, the characters, which had great arcs and personalities were amazing, and the story, ...
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  • Shows what life would actually be like if people switched bodies
    The initial amusement and sexual thoughts about body switching quickly give way to not only the pragmatic issues of uncontrolled switching but (more importantly for the story) the very intimate way each of these students gets to know their friends - their emotional fears, burdens, dreams. A deep caring develops among everyone in the circle. This is what made it powerful for me.
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  • A really moving story
    I wasn't sure what I was getting into when I started this anime, but now that I'm done, I really, really, really wish that there were more episodes to share with its characters. I've never seen such forthright characters before. I shall miss them as I loved them.
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  • Just like the others
    All in all it was a pretty decent anime in itself the artwork was decent, the story was decent, heck even the soundtrack was decent, but I felt like there was nothing really pushing me to continue watching only the fact that there wasn't really any comedy romance and when they even try to build climax it just feels like a bore and also in my opinion, Harem anime's are one of the worst types, why? ...
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  • [Critical Reviews] Kokoro connect. Good contender for the paradigm of "slice of life"
    Rating Summary
    Composite Rating 4/5

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    This anime is probably one of the best examples of a "slice of life" type anime that you are going to get. It really shines in the character development aspect and is very good at all of ...
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  • 3 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
    A Different Slice of Life
    Kokoro Connect is an anime that i wasn't expecting much from to be honest, but it quickly changed my mind. It actually dealt with real life situation, minus the whole body switching thing and the other supernatural stuff. It focused on topics about self-loathing, self-confidence, and individuality. Its not all drama, it has many comedic moments and great interactions among the characters. ...
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  • An interesting anime for those who like stories.
    Kokoro Connect begins as a silly and funny anime but takes a sharp turn into the more serious and dark side. I personally have not found another anime with such a unique story line. If you like psychology or drama, you should definitely watch this anime. It takes an interesting perspective on what could happen if people were toyed around and experimented on psychology.
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Deeply Empowering to Me
    The synopsis for this anime intrigued me while I was browsing for a good anime to keep myself occupied, and this one really did it for me. I couldn't get myself into the anime through a solid half of the anime, everything was just too confusing. Basically our five main characters' lives' are changed once they begin to switch bodies with each other.This happened in the beginning, so naturally I ...
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  • A must see, a little redundant but still very enjoyable
    some themes of this anime are a little repetitive with other anime, stories and fanfiction but that does not take away from the cuteness and overall enjoyability. i got a bit teary eyed as well as a little annoyed with reoccuring themes, characters were like ive seen before but for some reason i still liked this show. 5 stars
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  • A Story i Started to love before i knew it........
    Kokoro Connect is an amazing series that has so many life lessons to learn in it! A strange being from another world gives these wonderful 5 characters a hell of a hard time let me tell ya. From body switching to uncontrollably letting their desires unleashed. Theres a lot more but i wont spoil it! Now this might sound all strange and weird but stick it out! The story is well written and how the ...
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