Kuroko's Basketball

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  • Not realistic, but definitely entertaining and fun!
    After watching Slam Dunk, a relatively realistic anime dealing with Basketball, I figured I'd have some fun watching the other spectrum--something a little more modern, crazy, and oriented towards the female demographic.

    I found what I wanted in kuroko no basket.

    This is honestly not realistic at all, but it's hilarious and full of fun. I like the premise, and the pacing of the story is ...
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  • A very much recommended anime to watch.
    I am currently collecting the figures of each main characters shown in this anime.
    I wouldn't think I would be the type to be into sport animes, but this anime gave me goosebumps and got me hooked and I couldn't stop watching it.
    This anime got me emotional and also had me want to jump out of my seat in excitement.
    I wish this anime didn't end.
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  • THE ABSOLUTE BEST it doesn't matter if you hate or love basketball
    i don't even like basketball, or sports in general, but this anime was amazing and i'm actually really sad after finishing it. the characters are the best, and the plot was amazing. though it's not the most realistic basketball and all the players seem to have supernatural powers it's a must-watch.
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  • I didn't even like basketball before this...
    I originally started watching this as something to pass time with because it was super popular. My first thought was: "Three seasons?? Oh god..." yet here I am almost done with season 3. It's that good. There is a good mix of action and comedy, which makes this very fun to watch. The game Seirin participates in are always keeping you on the edge of your seat, especially ones against the Generation ...
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    I watched the first couple episodes and thought it was pretty cool, and then I saw Aomine and thought that it was super cool. After I met all the characters I was hooked. It doesn't show you Akashi's skills anywhere near the start so it made me want to watch it that much more because I thought he was super cool looking. After 2 days I finished the whole thing.

    If you want a anime's that ...
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  • The Perfect Show for Anyone
    This show is perfection. Sports fan or not, the story and rivalries of the Generation of Miracles are incredible. Kuroko and Kagami are the best duo, and I think almost every character was written perfectly. The twists and turn of this series are captivating and always keeps it interesting.

    Honestly this is my favorite anime ever, and I don't think anything will ever be better. SEIRIN FIGHT!!!
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  • さいこです!黒子かわいい!大好きです!!
    This anime really thought me more about basketball and the many tricks and team work players should apply in real games.

    I did roll my eyes a lot when they were up against Aomine because it just seemed too impossible. Like, how are we suppose to win? But then, this anime gave me the same feeling I was watching Attack on Titan, it seems like there is no hope, then they give you hope, then crush ...
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  • Great aNIME, well worth checking out!!
    I don't usually write reviews... or watch sports anime's. But after Kuroko's basketball I'e definitely been drawn into the world of sports anime. From character development to action packed scenes, this anime starts off great and only gets better. I really enjoyed this one and I'm sure you will too.. just give it a shot ;).
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  • Excellent absolutly exellent
    First its one of the few animes that are as good if not BETTER than the manga... the Animation get better as the seasons went on and the last 25 epsiodes had fabulous animation

    it is magic basketball(not literally but not even the greatest NBA players could do what they do in the anime) still the characters are wonderful and well developed even to the minor players on opposing teams... and i ...
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