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Armed with nothing but her untested magic and a fish she uses for both clothing and food, she sets out on her quest. Traveling with her companions Pipin, Myumyu, and the mysterious Nonononn, Padudu competes with the others to collect flower marks to achieve her goal and become famous while avoiding the forces of evil Queen Purilun.

Selected to be the Magical Carrier representing her hometown of Sea Heaven, Padudu leaves home with her partner (and emergency food source) Uokichi. Her goal is to fight Magical Battles and collect enough Hanamaru stamps on her card to fulfill her life-long dream of becoming a Magical Girl. Along the way she meets fellow Magical Carriers Pipin and Myumyu, runs into the fugitive Nonononn, gets chased by police officers Ketchup and Mustard, and is targeted by Queen Purilun's servant Zucchini.