Magical Play

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  • Hope it's longer than I remember.
    I very rarely say this but....The dubb is funnier. The dubb was really good.

    I haven't seen this in over 10 years. I remember there being only about a dozen episodes with no ending on my Complete Collection, but Wikipedia claims 24 episodes, so it's possible I had a 2-sided DVD & never thought to flip it over.

    I know there's a 4 part OVA completely done in CGI to make it look like a ...
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  • Pretty Alright For what it is, Just Enjoy it.
    Magical Play is perhaps not the most original, or clever anime out there. Nor is its plot perticularly strong, However what it lacks in these things, it makes up for in being over-the-top.

    This is one of those shows you would watch for a good quick laugh. I also compliment the show for its unique use of character/character design. A living fish-cape? Living twin cat clothing, and a seemingly ...
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    More like Magical Pain
    Like most parody-based comedies, this OVA will be very hit or miss with viewers. I found it to beyond inane, trite and tiresome. The plot is paint by numbers, the characters stereotypical. Both iterations of this show are rife with ugly costume design.

    Go watch Digi Charat or Excel Saga instead.
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