Myself; Yourself

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  • This feels like a better version of School Days
    From start to finish I felt like I was watching School Days they just feel so familiar too me but with a better ending even though it was rushed and wish this longer

    The MC comes back to his home town after a few years and finds out something has happen to one of his childhood friends and wants to find out what happened when he was away and when he finds out what happened he has his own story ...
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  • Bored. Not as interesting or entertaining as I thought at first.
    Simply put: I was bored. The story went no where, really. The characters weren't developed all that well and this anime didn't seem too cohesive about the events and everything else.

    If they could focus on the main couple or if they're going to focus on all the characters, I wish the story would have more depth or substance.
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  • The best of the best made reality
    I don't watch much Anime and also i really don't have much knowledge on what is good anime and what is bad, but i do know this. These 13 episodes were the best I have seen in my life. I love the plot, the characters and the challenges that each character faces. While some of the plot twist i did figure out right away just by how the story was going I still wanted to see it. I do wish they did make ...
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  • Takes a while to get going, then rushes to the finish line
    This was a frustrating anime to watch. It felt like it took half the series to get going, then had to go at breakneck speed to get through all the story that they needed to get through, only to skip over the climax and show us a 'ten years later' moment as if that's a satisfying ending. It wasn't, at least it wasn't for me.

    It seemed as if the two leads were destined to be together only because ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Enjoyed it, but there were a lot of things off...
    In general, this show was good. It had a solid romance/drama plot and did a decent job of pulling you along. This show has a lot of darker themes in it that will throw you a little bit if you're not prepared for them (but I didn't necessarily see that as bad). This show also has a very solid ending that you don't typically see with these kind of shows.

    On the other hand, the characters in this ...
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  • Very solid romantic drama
    Heavy character backstories that would be improved with more episodes. The dialogue-centric plot is well written, even though feeling forced at times. Animation quality is average, sometimes above, sometimes below. The ending, as in lots of anime, is open and kind of vague concerning some characters. While not Clannad, it's competent and engrossing. Another one for the "good" anime pile.
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  • Disappointing Character Development
    I liked the overall plot of Myself;Yourself, but found way the characters and story developed unconvincing. I found that the introduction of some character backstories were held back too long and when they were released felt like deus ex machina to progress the story rather than really feeling in tune with the characters own intentions. The closing theme by Itō Kanako lifts this series a little, ...
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  • Really Good, loved it
    i loved the anime, but at the very end i was really socked at the end, i saw it coming but in my mind i was hoping it was not true, but over all really enjoyed it. loved how they helped each outer no matter what happened shows true friendship how no mater what happened they try to over come it together as a family. because in the end that's what they really where.
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  • Another romance out of amnesia, but stark details made it real
    Okay, I seem to be a pushover for slowly building romances that blossom out of amnesia. I especially liked this one because it dealt with some starkly raw backstories:
    which made it feel more real, so the romance felt more real.
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  • Kinda weird. Not exactly thrilling. Mediocre.
    Honestly, I did not like this anime. It's ending was descent, but the trip to get there was way too slow. The characters were not thrilling in the least, and they basically came across as annoying. The story tried way too hard to be more than it was, and that was just too much for me to sit here and say it was any better than a 2 star anime. Maybe it will resonate with someone else better than it ...
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