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Naruto Shippuden

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  • My thoughts on Naruto!
    What can I say, I've grown up with the anime. I starting watching it as a freshman in high school and I'm about to graduate college now. Watching Naruto grow up in the show as myself, I've learned a lot through my experiences in the time I started watching as did Naruto. I think watching Naruto go from being the most hated kid in the Leaf Village, to a student in the academy, to a genin, to where ...
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  • been watching it for years!
    I started watching this anime a couple years ago, some friends watched it and told me about it. at first i was like "meh" but I marathoned thru it really quickly and it couldn't stop watching gets me sad that its almost over. but great story, sends great message to audience the only thing that sucked is all the crappy fillers. if it wasn't for fillers i would have given 5 stars.
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    Sorry Old Yeller. We gotta put you down.
    The manga is over. It's done. There will be no new Naruto volumes that continue the main plot. Why then are we beating a dead horse with the anime? Finish it already. Naruto Shippuden has gotten into a trend in which every other season, they will do a filler arc and they are just boring. I can't count how many times I had to be reminded that Naruto, like Drake, started from the bottom and now he's ...
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  • Its Draging on to much
    Its a good anime that has a great story. But the filters are just to much I don't give a damn about the exams especially when it has no real relevant information. i just want to see it end I want the climax all the filters are ruining the anime because it makes fans wait too much the company just wants to bleed as much money as they want from it and i feel bad for the anime...
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  • Review from Rika: "Beautiful in so many ways, but unfortunately..."
    Host: This review will be from Rika from Honey and Clover<thunder applause>

    Hi Rika here, I just wanted to say that I believe this show was
    beautiful in so many ways, but unfortunately one of those ways is not in the romantic drama at all. This anime and manga, for that matter, doesn't provide clues to the end of the love story between Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. I hear a movie is coming out ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    One of my favorite shows out there!
    I started watching this in 2013 and all I can say is that I really enjoy this show. Everything about this show is great! The show has many things that make it good and if you are into that sort of stuff you should definitely start watching Naruto. If you consider this show I ensure you that you will start feeling like your part of the story!
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  • Man oh man, one of the greats.
    Naruto as a whole has been around quite some time, and with the end coming real soon I must say I'm a bit bummed. The story told with this anime is great, despite what people think, the only problem I had with this anime is the number of fillers that are stuffed into the show, and the quality of fillers at that. Overall though, great show and a must watch for anime fan.
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  • Farewell Kishimoto!!
    I don't even know how to describe this amazing journey. Naruto has been with me all my life starting in my childhood and ending when I'm already an adult. It feels like I personally know Kishimoto and that we've bonded for a long time, even though I never met him in person. Big thanks to Kishimoto for putting in so many years for one of the finest manga/anime creations of all time.
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  • Trump Cards > Strategy. Loads of filler.
    You never really learn to hate filler until you're all caught up with the broadcasts. At that point you realize that it's going to be weeks maybe months until you actually see something that isn't another pointless character development or segue into a flashback where some plot point is vaguely talked about. Part of the reason this series is drawn out so long is because of the relatively strong ...
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