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Neko Rahmen

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  • A Neko Rahmen Review
    Neko Ramen is a short comedy series by Kenji Sonishi.

    Taishou, the cat, runs a restaurant in Tokyo. He ran away from home and lead a hard life on the streets but was saved by a ramen shop owner. Taishou has a goal of expanding his business and making money. Mr. Tanaka is a business man and is a regular customer at Neko Rahmen, Taishou's restaurant.
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  • Neko Rahmen -by rafael0000
    Mr. Tanaka is the only regular customer of the ramen shop Neko Rahmen, and for good reason. Not only is the shop is run by a bossy cat called Taishou, but the food is usually bad and occasionally the shop is visited by psychics, kittens, farm animals, French chefs working part-time in the kitchen, hobos, and Taishou's odd relatives. So why does he keep coming? Maybe it's for the laughs...

    I ...
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  • You are the Taishou! (A Neko Rahmen Review)
    Neko Rahmen is about a cat named Taishou and his business: ramen.

    Tanaka is his regular customer, who witnessed all he had gone through. The cat likes to experiment on his ramen noodles. He formulated new flavors! Weird but true. Just ask Tanaka about it.

    If you want to have a laugh, you gotta try this flash animation series. Each episode has a ...
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