Night Raid 1931

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  • Good anime, A little lack of Character Development, and A Little Preachy
    If you enjoy history, even in a pretty casual manner, you will enjoy this show; even for those who aren't buffs on East Asian history. The story is pretty solid, and its pacing is decent.

    The beginning few episodes of this anime feel a bit episodic, then around the mid-point it changes to a more central-plot driven format. In some ways, this slightly reminds me of Cowboy Bebop. However, unlike ...
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  • Potential... then none.
    This seemed like it could have been a really good action anime about people with powers and whatnot, but then all of a sudden it turned into political warfare and all kind of nonsense. I liked the beginning of the anime and then it stopped being all the things I enjoyed about this series. Probably should have paid attention to the fact that 1931 is in the title. Just didn't think it would be this ...
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  • So far so good......
    It's really a great anime and I enjoy anime like these to be honest that involve history and a early 1900's feel to it, some times I don't really understand whats going on because the first episode was great but then they go to the second where not everyone knows each other? It kind sets a confusion of why didn't the first episode start like that instead but it gets back to normal after that but ...
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  • Surprisingly good alternative history
    I admit to a lot of skepticism going into this show. Anime doesn't usually deal with WWII era events very well, and adding super powers to the mix didn't seem promising.

    That said... this was actually a good show. It dealt with Japan's gradual descent into militarism and all out war with China with insight and intelligence. The super powered espionage adventures, while more than a little weird, ...
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  • 1 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    An interesting alternate reallity that provided good moral ambiguity, but could have avoided cliche characters 4/5
    Night raid offers an interesting look at 1930s east Asia through an alternate universe with prophesies and superpowers. It follows a group of Japanese supernatural agents in Shanghai and Manchuria.

    Admittedly I was very skeptical about this. Aggressive Japanese expansion into China is a touchy subject throughout Asia and its rarely covered well in Japan. My first impressions (the first five ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    I love it!! And need MORE eps!
    I love this show because that show remained me of cowboy bebop and Sherlock Holmes too. However this show are very interesting and loved it as soundtrack, characters, acting, and many things are amazed ever I had! Wish I can watch more than 16 eps. So, I'm glad that I did watched this show Hope that Night Raid getting more eps as soon!
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