Ristorante Paradiso

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Original Creator: Natsume Ono ("Ristorante Paradiso," GENTE/Ohta Books)
Director: Atsuko Kase
Series Composition: Shinichi Inotsume
Character Design: Itsuko Takeda
Screenplay: Shinichi Inotsume and Megumi Sasano
Art director: Yasufumi Soejima
Music: ko-ko-ya

Song Info

Opening theme by orange pekoe: "Marigold" (BMG JAPAN)
Ending theme by Lisa Komine: "Suteki na Kajitsu" (Flying Dog)


Rome, Italy

When she was a child, Nicoletta was taken in by her grandmother so that her mother could remarry. Now grown up, she leaves everything in the countryside behind to visit her mother and her mother's second husband, a ristorante owner. To her surprise, her stepfather did not know his wife had a daughter!

A ristorante she had previously visited, casetta dell'orso is hosted by a cast of dreamy, cool gentlemen who all happen to wear glasses. This curious restaurant's staff include cameriere (waiters) Claudio, Luciano, and Vito, GiGi the sommelier, and chefs Furio and Teo. Because women find the staff so enchanting, business is bustling and reservations are extremely hard to come by at this little Roman treasure.

Amongst all this, Nicoletta decides, on a whim, to work at the ristorante. Gradually, she begins to become interested in one of the gentlemen...

Delicious food and dreamy gentlemen await at the ristorante, casetta dell'orso. For everyone who works there, a tender connection to the hearts of each visitor is spun, and the curtain raises on a story about these first-rate Italian gentlemen in spectacles.