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Seitokai No Ichizon - Student Councils Discretion

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  • Truly A Hilarious Anime!!!
    This is one of those animes that if you have watched a good amount of anime you will probably laugh at all of the references. They do an amazing job finding popular anime and make fun of it. The main story is very interesting and the second season shows more of the dark side of the idea that they might be separated. The jokes were all really funny and if you like over the top comedy and gags you ...
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  • Really awesome comedy anime
    If you liked Lucky Star, then you'll definitely love this series. And if you didn't like Lucky Star, you will still probably love this series. Why? Because it is HILARIOUS. I for one found this even more enjoyable than Lucky Star. It made me lol on several occasions, and made me smile throughout.

    The storyline is the weakest element of the series, because, just like other anime ...
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  • 4 out of 9 people found this review helpful:
    Gets boring extremely quickly
    Basically its a story about a Student Council with 4 girls who were voted in by popularity and a guy who worked to get the number 1 rank in his grade to get a spot. He's obsessed with having a harem with the 4 girls and is a huge pervert. Basically its them spending the entire episode in the student council room and they do nothing. The girls spend the whole time making fun of the guy for being a ...
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  • 2 out of 10 people found this review helpful:
    Seitokai No Ichizon Review # 15
    While having some funny moments, it still struggles with the fact that nothing ever actually happens. It doesn't help that the characters are inconsistent and often trip over themselves, preventing anything that could have happens. I am trying not to say that plotless shows are always boring or a waste of time (i.e. Cromartie High), however in this case it ...
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  • 1 out of 12 people found this review helpful:
    متى يعرض seitokai no ichizon
    seitokai no ichizon متى يعرض على crunchyroll وتاريخ كم وأي يوم حتى انمي امنيسيا متى يعرض وتاريخ كم وأي يوم أريد المزيد من حلقات انمي جديدة ورومانسية واكشن ورعب وكوميدي وساموراي بليد انمي أحلى من الخيال وانتمى أن تقدموا المزيد ونريد اسم الموقع اللي في كل حلقات انمي جديدة
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