Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World)

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    This is one of the most perfect anime I've ever seen. Beautiful art. Like no plot holes - totally tight story. Psychologically and emotionally devastating. I suspected the ending, but they did a great job of confusing us with red herrings. And although I'm kind of a prude about the yaoi/yuri bits, I still recommend this wholeheartedly.
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    Very interesting and dark at times
    i went into this show kinda not expecting much because i had never really heard anything about it, never seen clips or people mention it. but its rated pretty high on MAL and it was on sale on rightstuf and i noticed it was a 2 cour series so i figured i give it a shot. i gotta say the first opening scene was VERY cool, and then... it shows these kids. it definitely throws you off and takes a ...
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  • One of my favorite anime of all time
    This anime is perfect in every sense. The music is great, the animation is fluid and most of all, the storyline is unique and truly exciting! Really liked the plot twists, the tear jerking moments and the ending. Only thing I could ask for more is an additional episode! What happened to the monster rats? Would they be able to be made humans again? Or will squealer's prediction come true? (one more ...
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  • Honestly not just a good anime but a good series.
    Great plot, great characters, great writing, great moments. I think that if you are unfamiliar with anime or if it's not your cup of tea, this is still a great series to watch for its story and events. I could recommend this story to anybody and I think they'll definitely like it. I think it's going to become a cult classic if it isn't already. I will definitely watch this show again.

    If you're ...
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  • Xeno-psychic class warfare
    Modern sci fi at its finest!

    intellectual re-working of Aldous Huxley's premise of a structured society. A brilliant premise, story and plot. The characters I found to be interesting, although it is hard to get too attached because there are substantial time-skips throughout the series.

    If awkward, same-sex attraction is off-putting, just skip one episode in the series (it is not a biggie to ...
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  • Fantastic world, plot, & themes
    Sinister, suspenseful, gives you a good sense mystery and often invokes a serious sense of dread. The characters are varied and are easy to care about.

    The concept is fresh. The world is beautiful and interesting.

    A lot of the music is good.

    Maybe a couple of episodes seem a bit slow, but the show is very worthwhile. It should be more widely watched than it has been.
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  • Gripping, Atmospheric, Intense, and a True Work of Genius
    This is a difficult one to say anything about without giving anything away. Suffice to say that it is incredibly original, darkly beautiful, and has a uniquely serious, real, oppressive atmosphere coupled with a vivid and wild imagination. Shin Sekai Yori one is an unsung masterpiece which more people need to witness.
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  • A Quiet, Emotionally Mature Epic
    You can't tell much about Shin Sekai Yori from the cover, and that's both a blessing and a shame. I am constantly surprised at the depth and scope of this show, it never stops taking on new problems, sometimes to the point where it can be a bit overwhelming; it's best taken in small doses.

    The best thing I can tell you to do is to watch the first three episodes without really reading anything ...
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  • A Spectacular, Must-Watch Series
    I have seriously never been so challenged or blown away by a series before. Putting aside the beautiful animation and haunting soundtrack, Shin Sekai Yori is expertly told. It has you asking questions right until the end, and handles the growth of its characters--and its world--over the timeline of the series really, really well. Nothing ever feels mishandled. It is a journey and a half, and when ...
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  • This is not to be missed
    So on a recommendation I started to watch this anime. I am glad it was recommended otherwise I would have completely overlooked this story
    This story falls into the dystopian genre similar to the book "The Giver".
    What I liked about this series is that it was so well paced that you finished an episode thinking that you were only 10 minutes in. A couple of times I actually checked the time line ...
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