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Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World)

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  • A amazing story in the back ally of the internet
    Well drawn, entreating, and dark. the cover makes it seem like a typical love story, but it is dark and much more intricate with twist and turns that leave you feel like you watched for a hour but end up watching for five. Warning; not for a person looking for a light "read". lol
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  • 4 out of 4 people found this review helpful:
    Most overlooked title of 2013.
    I am extremely surprised I hadn't heard about this anime. Usually I don't go out of my way looking for anime, friends just recommend to me what's good that they've seen. But I was hungry for some anime so looked at a "top anime of 2013" list and picked this one out. I wasn't expecting much when I started watching "From the New World", but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

    This ...
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  • 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    One of the Best Anime Ever Created
    Shin Sekai Yori is quite possibly the greatest anime I've ever seen. This show should be in discussion with Cowboy Bebop and Akira. I'm completely serious. The characters are well done, the story is heart-wrenching and beautiful. And the writing is absolutely superb.

    There was a drop in level of animation at a certain point, of which many noted, but if I'm being honest, I barely saw it. I would ...
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  • 5 out of 5 people found this review helpful:
    Oh my dear god, do you know what this?
    One of my favorite Animes of ALL TIME, I mean sure Anohana was amzaing was around the same level of this overall. But the dark, dramatic, tragic setting is just. I can't believe it, no offence but Crunchyroll most of the time you just have teenage high school things. But something like this comes up and I am just in shock. The time jump may be scary, you know you just get thrown into it but it's ...
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  • Looking for sci-fi anime?
    I'm going to write this fast, but hopefully it will be helpful. Shin Sekai Yori is one of my favorite anime series, though it is slow sometimes and the anime is different from the novel. It is story of the protagonist Saki and her friends as they grow up and discover information their society tries to hide from them.
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  • it's simply amazing.
    simply put, the series created a parallel world where each individual is strong enough to wipe out their own race, and the resulting civilization reflects so much humanity that the detailed analogy of human hearts, through both human and monster rats, deserves a simple WOW.
    there's so much i wanna say about this anime, but one main reflection i had after i watched the series is that, ...
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  • Amazing, Thought-Provoking, Flawless (Almost)
    This anime is so wondrous and amazing, and at every turn in the plot you find yourself growing anxious for the fate of these characters.
    I love the themes of Shin Sekai Yori. This show is smart and clever, and it will make you think, which is a good thing! Totally enjoyable, totally awesome.
    I LOVED it!

    (The one thing that I can mark against it is that at some point in the middle of the show, ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    A Very Intelligent, Mature, and Thought-Provoking Anime
    This shows easily deserves 5 out of 5 stars for how deep the storyline really is: It's mind-blowing. The story becomes more and more interesting as the show progresses. The characters are generally well executed and Saki the main character has a bit of character development. The beginning of this anime is fairly slow but please stick with it. The animation is gorgeous enough for you to be ...
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  • 3 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
    The Anime Itself is a 5/5 but the Advertisement is Extremely Misleading
    After running out of mainstream anime's to watch, I started randomly clicking through a few suggested ones and I eventually ran into "Shin Sekai Yori" with someone saying "beware the truth inside of this story". And he was definitely correct on his statement.

    Reaction: Before clicking the first video, I thought I was walking into a spice of life anime with one plot twist like a main character's ...
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  • Very good show from start to finish
    This show was unlike most anime I've seen. Very unique. I like how there is no opening theme. It sort of exemplifies the fact that this anime spends each moment working towards the plot. There is no filler. It starts off slow but seems to have a linear progression of awesomeness. It gets very intense later on.

    The story is interesting, the characters are easy to relate to and real and the ...
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