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    This is what you watch when you push the random button
    And that title gives the only reason you should really entertain watching this mash up from that weird late nineties early two thousands period. Okay that and it's kind of awesome in that stupid way. Oh yes I may be giving it a two out of five, but don't let that confuse you to the fact that I did enjoy's just really dumb.

    The plot is fine and you could almost see it in a Shadowrun ...
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  • Its ok . good if you are bored .
    First off it is preaty old so some might be turned off by the animation . The story is intresting but nothing special . It moves at a fast pace . I didn't mind . some people dont like that but those people might want it to end quick . It' based off a game. Never heard off or played it and I am a gamer . looked it up the game I think is better .
    Nothing I can say realy u can skip watching this or ...
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    Sin the Movie Blades
    In Sin, Blade must unravel a series of mysterious kidnappings. As he delves into the city's merciless underworld, an elaborate mystery unfold; at is heart, the SinTEK corporation and its leader, the ruthless and beautiful Elexis Sinclair. A Brilliant biochemist, Sinclair will stop at nothing to achieve her goal: a plan that could force the next step of human evolution-or spell doom for mankind.
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