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SKET Dance

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  • Definitely not what I expected
    I'm not going to lie but I was initially so so reluctant to watch this series and the first episode didn't even appeal to me that much, but oh.my.god. Once I got through the second and then the third episode without even realizing I'm already halfway done!!! This show has made me laugh my butt off and then cry the next. It's also one of the only animes where I dont hate any of the character. Its a ...
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    This anime was the most funniest anime I have ever watched. All of the episodes were so entertaining. The SKET-Dan is a club where they help people with their needs. There are many plot-twists and serious episodes, which I loved a lot. I literally cried because it was so funny. I love the relationship between the three. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
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  • One of The Best Shows I've ever Watched..
    It made me Laugh, Smile Like Crazy, Be Over Excited, Got me Addicted, Even made me Cry...even sad...Thats Why you should watch this! It makes all your emotions come out! At first I thought this was just another normal show..but no...its more than That.
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  • SKET DANCE A fun filled Shonen Jump series
    I came into the series only knowing that it had a Gintama crossover episode but I came to find a fun and enjoyable series. Some of the episodes pull at the heartstrings especially the backstory episodes. Art and animation was beautiful. I recommend this anime to anyone who is up for a laugh and anyone who likes Gintama.
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  • 3 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
    Easily my favorite anime now.
    I went in to Sket dance, not really knowing what to expect, the "preview" episode did'nt fully prepare me for how much this show would make me laugh, cry, blow my mind, and get me so involved in the characters.
    This is a comedy anime, however it has some episodes in it that get you right in the "feels" really tugging at your heartstrings from time to time, or blow you away with some of the truely ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Recently finished this. Sad it's over. EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH THIS!
    I would have to say that this one of the funniest anime I have watched in a long time. I enjoyed this far too much then I should. There were times when I stopped breathing from how hard I was laughing. The great thing about this anime is that all of the characters are likable (except for the ones they make for you to hate). I am kind of upset that the new characters at the end didn't get enough ...
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  • Another Show cancled before its time...
    It was a fun show to watch with very good sub-plots and back stories. The comedy was good and refreshing. There is a lot of potential left in the story. Since the characters are only in their second year of high school they story could progress much further. As it is now a few characters are starting to really develop and they have a lot of room to grow. This show should really continue.
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