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  • Definitely one of the favorites!
    From beginning to end, it caught my attention. Not to mention the hilarious expressions and reactions in between the characters. The back story behind Tsuruga and Kyoko was great to watch and yet so impactful even when Kyoko doesn't realize who he is. I wish there were more episodes! LOVED ITTTTT!
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    You'll laugh, love, cry, learn
    Music: 5/5
    Upbeat, pairs emotions well, stimulates scenes, makes things funny
    Plot: 4/5
    It is an original plot, and could have been done to reveal the beginning a little bit more, so that we would feel even more about how the main character would have felt.
    Development: 5/5
    you really fall in love with this show, the characters are loveable, their personalities and actions all make sense, ...
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  • Awesome Funny and simply Wonderful!
    Skip Beat! is definately one of my favorite animes. It has a fun, passionate, tough protagonist who slightly reminds me of Haruhi Fujioka from OHSHC just with a little more spirit. It's really funny and there is never really a dull moment.
    Once the series ended I started to read the manga and it's really good as well!
    I can't wait till the next volume comes out!

    You won't regret ...
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  • Loved the Manga, Love the Anime
    Okay, so I have/am reading the manga and I loved every minute of it. When I found out there was going to be and anime I have to admit I was skeptical at first...many good mangas have been ruined by there animes. That is not the case at all here, I feel that it followed that manga perfectly and the only complaint I had was that I ended so quickly
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    What a disappointment!!
    There's NO ending! How annoying! And it was a pretty good show.... irritating!!! According to wiki there is a Live Action (still with no ending until 2014) There's no way human actors are going to be any good in this. It's just going to have ridiculously bad acting in a show where they are supposed to be ridiculously good actors. It started off pretty good and kind of fell apart at the end. ...
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  • Not original, but yet original... wut?
    FINALLY a not so cliché love story with the male being a total jerk !

    Skip Beat ! universe tries at first to be like the normal japanese world. Most characters have dark colored hair, the height are quite normal and the personalities too. Then, when we enter the world of showbiz BANG everything is different, which is in fact pretty realistic.

    As the main character really annoys me at first, ...
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  • Extremely entertaining and well made.
    This anime is one of my favorites. It does everything it set out to do well.
    My only beef with the creator is that he takes forever to release his manga chapters. This is the only reason i see that this anime has not gotten its second season yet. If the creator is out of ideas, then just finish the manga in a good way so that the anime can finish too.
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