Usagi Drop

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Daikichi, a 30-year-old bachelor, encounters Rin, a 6-year-old girl he doesn’t know, at his grandfather’s funeral. Daikichi is flabbergasted when he learns that she is actually the illegitimate child of his grandfather. The other relatives pretend to have a discussion over who will get custody of Rin, all the while trying to fob her off on each other. Unable to let this pass, Daikichi impulsively declares that he will adopt Rin. Daikichi has a strong sense of justice, but he’s a blunderer, while Rin, though a little girl, has a strong mind. And so their life together begins, a road that is sure to be bumpy and will require cooperation from both of them. Can Daikichi handle both child-raising and his work? And will the single Daikichi find a partner to make his new family complete?

1. Original Comic Yumi Unita
Serialized in "FEELCOMICS" (SHODENSHA Publishing Co.,Ltd.)
2. Exective Producers
Junichi Shinzaka
Yatsuho Tomikawa (Fuji TV)
Naoki Kitagawa
Atsushi Terada
Katsuji Morishita
Tomoya Shikura
3. Chief Producer
Yuichi Murata
Koji Yamamoto (Fuji TV)
4. Producers
Daisuke Konaka
Noriko Ozaki (Fuji TV)
Tetsuya Nakatake
5. Series Composition
Taku Kishimoto
6. Animation Character Design /Animation Supervisor
Yu Yamashita
7. Prop Design
Ayako Hata
8. Art Director / Background Artist
Ichiro Tatsuta
9. Color Coordinator
Miho Tanaka
10. Director of Photography
Koji Tanaka
11. Editor
Junichi Uematsu
12. Sound Director
Kazuhiro Wakabayashi
13. Opening Sequence Produced by
Chie Morimoto, Yuko Yasunaga, Ichio Otsuka (goen°drops)
14. Opening Theme: "Sweet Drops"
Performed by: PUFFY
Lyrics : Shoko Suzuki
Music: Shoko Suzuki
(Ki/oon Records Inc.)
15. Music Producer
Hiroaki Sano
16. Music
Suguru Matsutani
17. Music Production FUJI PACIFIC MUSIC INC.
Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
18. Animation Producer
Keiko Matsushita
19. Animation Produced by Production I.G
20. Director
Kanta Kamei
21. Presented By
Usagi Drop Committee