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We, Without Wings - under the innocent sky

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  • Glad I gave the whole thing a shot, but would not watch again
    Spoiler free, but also shallow review.

    My friend recommended this to me and in hindsight, I know why, but this contains so much stuff that I don't like. This was my fourth attempt to watch the anime and I was about to give up again after episode 2 until I read DeAlecson's spoiler free review. I was encouraged, decided to give episode 3 a shot and unfortunately glimpsed at spoilers in a nearby ...
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  • Mysterious anime about panties. T.T
    First episode gave me a very disjointed and chaotic image of We, Without Wings, and I almost stopped watching cause of it. First we are introdused to three entirely different groups of people seemingly at random. And the next minute we are in a fantasy world who knows where. I felt overwhelmed. Like the series was trying to cram too much material in to a series.
    But I kept watching and everything ...
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  • Confusing but not bad
    3.The ending

    2.Most of the music
    3.Have to watch it to the end for it to make any sense

    The best part about the show is the fanservice, it is very tasteful and helps with the second best thing, the comedy. The third best thing was the ending of the show.

    The worst part about the show was how it was extremely confusing as to what was going ...
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  • Loved It! Confusing...
    Okay, so for any of you who have NOT watched it yet, please don't give up on it! The first few episodes are indeed confusing, so I recommend you pay close attention! Even to those scenes... I know you'll like it. But overall it was a great anime, amazing plot if you understand, and the lovable characters. This anime won't disappoint you. =]
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  • Mediocre at Best. Sad at others.
    Look, the first couple of episodes of this was rather disappointing. Random girls that no one cared about, over exaggerated characters, and the most abundant amount of panty shots. There were some so out of nowhere that I believe they just placed them there so they could blind you with the fact that it had a crappy plot.
    Finally, after a couple of episodes, the plot finally became apparent and we ...
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  • An interesting series
    Although from the beginning it seemed like a series of random disjointed events, they come together nicely toward the end. The characters were all amusing and unique, as was the situation with the main protagonists. All in all, it was entertaining to watch. I especially enjoyed the show for its comedy.
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  • Very Weird Funny Anime
    This anime was very funny, had me laughing a lot. I do have to say though there was one scene I could have done without. I'm sure many of you know which one I'm talking about. Other then that I thought it was good and worth watching again later. So I recommend it to those who are okay with weird pervy anime.
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  • 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    The Bus's Anime Review: We, Without Wings - Under the Innocent Sky
    Alright guys so this one is basically a lighthearted cross between ChaosHead and Rosario+Vampire. The difference this has from those two somewhat silly stories?

    This is an astounding story about finding yourself.

    This anime is CHOCK FULL of what can only be called SHOCKING AND UNBELIEVEABLE FAN SERVICE, some of which is as close as you can get to hentai without it being hentai. Examples ...
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  • 24 out of 27 people found this review helpful:
    Beginner's Guide to Oretachi ni Tsubasa [Review with no spoilers]
    Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa (We, Without Wings - under the innocent sky)
    Anime Recommendation review

    Episodes: 12
    Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy


    Hmm... Where should i begin? Oretachi no Tsubasa isn't your ordinary anime. This anime is bloated with confusion. It takes while to understand what is going on but its formulated in a way of beauty.

    We ...
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  • 1 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
    Bitter-Sweet But Amazing
    This is a really good show though! You might get confused, but stick with it through the first few episodes and it will eventually make sense. The characters are really good and the story line is sort of bitter-sweet. But it really draws you in. For most people, the ending isn't what you expected (or wanted). I felt the same way. But I was still happy that I watched it because getting to the ...
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