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  • Best Show! Inspirational and Motivational!
    I started watching this show when I was 5, about 1999. I have now finished season 6 and I am now 24! This show has taught me so much and has inspired me a lot. This last season really showed the character development of these, once kids (Digi Adv Season 1) to now adults (Digi Adv Tri), kind of like us, we grow innocent feeling unstoppable and later mature to adults, and realize the hardships that ...
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  • 3 years to come out with all these episodes. I'm glad I waited. Surprisingly dark.
    Let me start off by saying I have watched 6 seasons of Digimon. From the first to the 'We are Xcros heart" Digimon. That's where I stopped before watching Digimon Adventure Tri.

    Digimon is one of those series where you think all hope is lost and then there is a bursting light of hope and "NEVER GIVE UP!!" that makes you feel like anything in life is possible.

    However, this series did not ...
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  • Amazing Nostalgia Trip
    Let me just say that I absolutely enjoyed watching this. Seeing Agumon, Tai, and the whole cast again gave me a very beautiful trip down memory lane. If you enjoyed Digimon as a kid, DEFINITELY give this a watch. However, the anime did have its fair share of flaws that disturbed me. Rest of the review will contain some spoilers.

    1) The Braveheart song was nicely orchestrated ...
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  • holy tears of the digidestined
    if you wanna sob manly tears at the end of a series watch this angel beats has nothing on how built up this is and how much you will sob when mei-chan finally gets dealt with! the whole series was phenominal perfect development and plot slight rush on the megas in part 3 but tolerable as a whole.
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  • Beginning is great, but goes downhill fast
    One of my biggest peeves is Meiko and Meicoomon. Why are both of their names so similar???? It just annoys the heck out of me. Also Meicoomon's character design is way off from the other digimon, stands out like a sore thumb.

    This series started out really exciting, and getting to see all the original characters grown up. I truly struggled getting through the Coexistence episodes. It feels like ...
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  • Finally finished the series.
    I have never written a review before, and I'm not good with words so I'm gonna keep it short and simple.

    Overall, I am incredibly disappointed. When I started watching this I hoped it would be just as good as the original I grew up with. But this whole series was SO dark and depressing, most of the time I had horrible chest pains from crying so much. Not enjoyable. And the ending was terrible!!
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    More than just fighting
    I was in primary school like the main characters when the older version was being aired. Now the characters are in high schools as I am in college. What's new in the new digimon is that the characters now have doubts in whether to fight. It's not like that they can't just fight but they have concerns as they have grown up, just like us. Kinda bitter but pretty realistic.
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  • 6 out of 6 people found this review helpful:
    A sad, small, series of movies unable to live up to its name or its dream
    The key to Digimon Adventure Tri, is spotting when the dream dies. Currently the highest rated review of Tri is a glowing positive review for the film series, but closer examination reveals it was posted in November of 2015, immediately after the very first movie. It is fairly representative of how fans reacted to the series on launch, a positive outpouring of support and affection. How is it ...
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  • made me fall in love with Digimon again..
    Now I will admit, i barley started watching tri but finished it all. i'm glad i did because i hate waiting for new episodes. Anyways i loved Digimon growing up. after the years past i lost interest i guess you could say. Thank you for creating Tri for it reminded me of why i fell in love with Digimon in the beginning. Not everyone likes it but i do. I just hope on the next episodes all the ...
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    Nostalgia vs Logic! FIGHT!
    Having just finished the last episode I feel exhausted. It was a bumpy ride for sure; inconsitend quality in animation, dialog & storytelling, but damn it, am I glad this exists. Blame it on nostalgia but something always kept me watching, or at least rewinding when I drowsed off after another painfully long or needlessly vague and confusing scene. I could go more into detail, however, quite ...
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