Fist of the North Star

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"You don't even know you're already dead!!"

The year is 19XX – war has turned the world into a nuclear wasteland.

The oceans have dried up, the land scorched, and it appears as though all life has gone extinct. However, humanity had survived these harsh conditions, only to relapse into society where violence dominates.

In this world of mayhem, a drifter in possession of a lethal fighting style known as the Divine Fist of the North Star wanders through the arid desert. He is Kenshiro, and on his chest he bears 7 wounds as he treks through the wastelands to rescue his lover Yuria who has been kidnapped by Shin, his former friend. Along the way he takes Bat and Lin under his wing as they continue their journey. With the ruins of earth as the backdrop, many come in the way of Kenshiro as he tries to find Yuria in this epic saga!
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