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The story of Skip Beat! is about Kyoko Mogami, a wistful yet cheery sixteen year-old girl who loves her childhood friend, Shotaro, but is cruelly betrayed and thus seeks revenge against him. She used to spend a lot of time at Shotaro's parents' inn and learned a lot about housekeeping, hostelry, and other stereotypically correct feminine jobs (sewing, cooking, serving tea traditionally, etc.). Shotaro, not wishing to take over his parents' inn, becomes bored of living in Kyoto and decides to move to Tokyo to pursue a career in music. Sho, as he is called by his fans, asks Kyoko to leave high school in Kyoto Prefecture and her life behind to help him. Upon arrival in Tokyo, Kyoko lives an unreasonably frugal life, spending nothing on herself and doing whatever she can for Sho, who is ranked seventh in the top twenty most popular entertainers of Japan. It appears that Shotaro never helps with the cost of food, apartment, or necessary products. However, one day as she brings him his lunch at a company building, she overhears Sho complaining about her to his manager, saying that she is a boring and plain girl that he'd like to be rid of, proceeding to sweet-talk and flirt with his manager, whereas he hadn't even put his arm around Kyoko in her life. Unlike other heroines in the same situation, Kyoko doesn't shed many tears when she learns that Sho thinks she's only good for housekeeping. Instead, her "Pandora's box" opens and she vows vengeance on Shotaro. Enraged, Kyoko attempts to attack Sho, but is instantly carried off by security. Sho mockingly tells her that if she wants revenge, she had better become a bigger star than him. And so Kyoko, vowing revenge, changed her appearance and started to enter the entertainment business. Little did she know that her journey will not go as smooth as she thought. Skip Beat follows Kyoko's journey to climb the showbiz ladder as she meets interesting people along the way, all in the hopes of revenge and finding herself in the end.

Character Descriptions:

Kyoko Mogami voiced by Marina Inoue

Kyoko jumped into the world of show business with one purpose; to avenge Sho Fuwa, who ruthlessly abandoned her. She left her home in Kyoto with Sho, in order to support his dream of becoming an idol, only to find out that Sho was just using her as his servant. More enraged than heartbroken, she swears to avenge him by becoming more successful in the show business than he is. She applies to L.M.E., the rivaling company of Sho’s Akatoki Agency, which she initially fails due to her lack of “love”, pointed out by the president Lory Takarada. However, her outstandingly unique performances caught his eyes, and she was assigned to join a project called “Love Me”. As she struggles in this brand new world of show business, and through encountering Ren Tsuruga, she eventually discovers the real joy of acting.

Ren Tsuruga voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi

Ren is one of the top actors/stars who belongs to L.M.E. He is an American, and he started his acting career in America, although due to the pressure of being a son of a famous Hollywood star, he decided to escape to Japan at the age of fifteen, with the help of Lory Takarada. Being a very stoic actor, he genuinely loves acting, and at first he was not pleased about Kyoko, who joined the business for the sake of her revenge. However, he slowly becomes attracted to Kyoko as she grows to love acting herself.

Shotaro/Sho Fuwa voiced by Mamoru Miyano

He is a popular singer who belongs to Akatoki Agency. Not wanting to succeed his family’s old standing hotel in Kyoto, he runs away to Tokyo and becomes a professional singer. His real name is Shotaro, which he hates and keeps it a secret, since he sees it old-fashioned and outmoded. Although he has many immature aspects, he is a very talented musician, who constantly comes up with hit songs topping the chart. Kyoko is his childhood friend whom he only saw as his minion of a sort, but after they reencounter at his music video shoot, he began to see her differently for the first time.

Kanae Kotonami voiced by Risa Hayamizu

She auditioned for L.M.E. with Kyoko. She was nicknamed Moko by Kyoko when they first met. She has an outstanding memory and acting skill but like Kyoko, she was told that she lacked love, and together with Kyoko she joins “Love Me”. At first she did not like Kyoko but later on they became to acknowledge each other, and she became Kyoko’s best friend #1.

Lory Takarada voiced by Kouji Ishii

The extravagantly flamboyant president of L.M.E., who was among the first people to recognize Kyoko’s potential of becoming a great star. Concerned with Kyoko and Kanae’s lack of humanly love, despite their enormous talent and possibilities, he establishes the “Love Me” section specifically for them. Although he looks quite silly, he has a very keen eye on people and their talents.

Maria Takarada voiced by Hiromi Konno

She is Lory’s granddaughter, who adores Ren and Kyoko. She lost her mother at a very young age on a plane clash. She kept blaming herself for her mother’s death, since her mother died on the way back from her birthday party which she asked her mother to come. Furthermore, she took her father’s reaction to his wife’s death as a rejection, and since then she became unable to believe in her father’s love. Her traumas finally resolved after she encountered Kyoko, and since then, she calls Kyoko her sister.

Yukihito Yashiro voiced by Masahito Kawanago

Ren’s manager, who is fully supportive of the romantic relationship between Kyoko and Ren, and sometimes gets overexcited about the two, but otherwise a brilliant manager who has such ability as freezing the fans crowding around Ren with one glance. However, he is hopelessly destructive with any electronic devices, where a cell phone will die after about 10 seconds of direct exposure to his skin; therefore, despite him being a manager of a very popular star, he cannot even drive a car.

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Translation: Chris Pai (misc. episodes)