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Hanamichi Sakuragi, an entering freshman at Shohoku High, holds a record for being rejected by 50 girls during middle school. Ever since the last girl turned him down for a guy on the basketball team, Sakuragi's been traumatized by the sport. One day, an unsuspecting Sakuragi is approached by a cute girl who asks him, "do you like basketball?" Sakuragi immediately falls head over heels for this girl, Haruko, and answers "I love it!" Dreaming of the day he can capture Haruko's heart, Sakuragi, who doesn't know a dribble from a dunk, begins his training. But Haruko had her sights set on another freshman, Kaede Rukawa, the superstar rookie. The freshmen pair and the rest of the Shohoku basketball squad begin their season with their sights set on a national championship…

His rivalry with the star rookie Rukawa, and the dominating presence of the towering captain Akagi drives Sakuragi to realize his potential on the court. With Haruko, and his old up-to-no-good gang cheer him on from the sidelines things get heated up! But the competition is stack upon Shohoku! Ryounan High with its superstar player Sendo, top contender Kainan High, along with Touma High, and the towering Shouyo High -- Sakurgai and Shohoku High need go up against these veteran tourney regulars to capture the title. Can Shohoku survive with such tough competition? Will captain Akagi be able to realize his dream of a national championship? For the self-proclaimed "genius" Sakuragi, the battle has just begun!!

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